tatum: 6 months old

it's hard to believe that half a year as already passed.
even harder to remember life without tatum.
she is still as happy as ever.
her brother can make her laugh harder than anyone else.
they are interacting more and more everyday.
when a familiar face or voice walks into a room, she just lights up.
weighed in at a whopping (haha) 12 lbs 10 ounces at 5.5 months,
but measured 26 1/2 inches....long and lean.
has had her first of many, many lake days.
loves making noises, especially blowing out air with her pacifier in.
flips and flops like a wild woman.
is ready for something besides mama's milk to fill her belly,
but still nursing beautifully.
is about to out grow bath time in mama's sink.
and has been a true blessing.

 love you tatum!


Samantha said...

Love her!!

The Revell Family said...

Love this precious baby girl! I can't believe it's been 6 months either...wow!