kids' artwork quilt (aka mrs. alison's quilt)

hands down what makes this quilt is the pictures of mrs. alison that the kids drew.
thanks goodness, because i am sure there are many flaws in my first quilt.

tripp made mrs. alison an m & m...see the resemblance?

brody has her wearing an eye patch.

love the make up that kacee has given her....blue lipstick may be a future fashion.

and the hair in these three makes me laugh.

biggest lesson learned: i should have squared up the blocks after heat setting the artwork.
them not being perfectly square caused some adjustments in the sashing.
nothing real major....just not exact.

the backing fabric wasn't wide enough, so i added the red polka dot stripe.
it still needed to be wider, so i hit my stash and found a blue to match.
LOVE how it turned out!

each square was hand quilted and a knot tied in the middle for some extra security.
i joked with mrs. alison that this was for when her memory started to fail her.
but really, it's just another reminder of how special she is to her kids.

this has probably been one of my most favorite projects to date.
i think i'm gonna be a quilter!

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