last day of school

august has grown so much in his first year of preschool in so many ways.

he had to have one shot with his new hunting hat.

before mrs. alison moved temporarily to the director's position,
we planned to make her a quilt.
each children drew a picture of her.
and here she is with it and her class.

and here's she and august.

i've said it before, but we couldn't have asked for a better first year of school for august.
thank you first baptist preschool and all of your wonderful and loving staff!

later that evening, we hit the pool for pizza and fun with a great group of friends.
pretty sure that this is the only one i got that has all the kids.
nice and blurry.

love how tatum is staring down lauren and her cupcake in this one.

one day i plan on video taping the "getting" a group shot.
it promises to be full of crying, hollering cheese, and bribing!

oh, and click here for the first day of school.

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