life through instagram

from several weeks ago....

sewing the binding on mrs. alison's quilt,
which allows you to sit and test out the cuddliness factor.
it totally passed that test.

this two clowns were being just that,
and testing out tatum's gear.

prepping their tummies for the beach with some cheese balls.

a rainy friday afternoon playing mama's old candy land game.

catching some zzzz's under the umbrella at the lake.
what a bathing beauty!

my babies visiting at pa's office.
love them to pieces.

trying to escape the bouncy seat.

garden chic:
working in the garden planting herbs.
my seeds didn't make it through the transplant,
so i cheated and bought some.

from this week....

garden fresh eggs from happy chickens.
5 minutes from my house.
that's what i call local!

celebrating daddy's birthday on father's day.
happy birthday daddy (travis).
we love you so much and are so very thankful for all the love you show us!

fort building with some popcorn eating thrown in.

"playing" dominoes.

king of the hill.
holding out that we can play on it again today,
but we do need the rain so i won't complain too loudly.

another white fabric project for tatum's room.

i took a picture a day with instragram this past week.
hoping to keep the tend up and post it here each week...
we'll see!

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The Revell Family said...

I love the pic a day idea using my phone....sounds manageable...might give it a try :)