tatum's first real food

last week we pulled the high chair out of the attic and got it all ready for tatum.
august gave her a spin around the kitchen "to show her around."

the next night we got down to the business of eating.
quietly taking in all of our prep...food, camera, video camera.

mashed avocado.....yum!

the first bite

she grabbed the spoon and took hold.

and then the funny faces started.

daddy took pictures and august manned the video camera.
he did a great job!

love that face with a little shutter to follow.
and then a big ole spit up.

but we kept going and she loved it!!
this girl of ours can put down some avocado.

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The Revell Family said...

I love that August manned the video camera...too cute! Great pictures of her first real food experience :)