open house, visitors, and some sewing

still playing catch up here.
on the agenda for next week....our siesta key pictures!!

first up: open house
here's one very happy boy taking in all the newness of his classroom.

it didn't take him long to take up with the girls and start playing.
good thing because he only has one other boy in his class!

still trying to absorb it all.

loving his new playground,
but ready to get off....feeling a little dizzy.

next up: visitors
this family hangs around here at some point most days.
and i love them eating all the bugs.
but, when they take flight and start talking, it's quite the noise.
the first few times, it caught me off guard.
now it's just another familiar sound here at home.

and the human variety!
mom brought grandmama jo over for a visit.
before heading off to lunch, august wanted gran to read a story.
so much love sitting on that couch.

last up: sewing
we weren't able to make it to heagan's tutu party,
and i know we missed lots of fun.
in keeping with her theme,
i took this monkey towel and added some spunk (to match the birthday girl!).

and i think those monkeys sure do like their new tutu's.

this one reminds me of her bathing suit that i just adore.

so fun and easy.

there are some other sewing projects and craftiness to share.
just one of the many reasons this blog has been neglected!

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