whole lotta instagram

i was attempting a picture a day with my instagram,
and was doing good for awhile.
but then got side tracked from instagram (and apparently blogging it, too).
i may try again,
but for now here are some bits and pieces of life from my phone.

i missed her mouth.
august thinks this is the funniest thing.
and tries to recreate it every time he helps me feed her.

picture of a picture:
first time seeing shamu.
don't think i could ever see enough of this one.

i hate this machine,
but love what it does when we need it.

mama needed some home remedy for her throat.
works like a charm every time.


my running girls on the 4th.

fireworks on the lake.
it doesn't get any better.

updating the blog forever ago.
love the way pictures upload now.
you think with all the time it saves, i could keep more up to date.

tatum's first day at the beach!

soaking up the cousin love.

captain jack sparrow siting.

adult dinner night at the beach (and technically not instagram).

happy shoppers at publix.

out, after a full day of girl time shopping and dinner at melting pot.

stolen from grandmama.
although, i think it's technically there to be stolen!

august found a whoopee cushion at the store.
tatum laughed so hard every time he sat on it!

extending the life of my birthday flowers.

getting a sword balloon.
he remembers one he had from a party almost two years ago,
and requested it again.

first day of school on the front steps.
and looking way to grown up!

getting an early start on some halloween crafting.
and keeping somebody busy on a rainy day.

finally deciding that she can crawl on all four.
though army crawling is still her preferred method.

lunch date with tatum at tijuana flats after her 9 month dr.'s appointment.

if you give a mouse and cookie cookie.

august got a hold of my phone during church.
it did keep him quiet.

somebody did not like the vacuum noise.
would not be put down.
thanks goodness for the moby.

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Samantha said...

Literally giggled out loud at whoopiie cushion one. Hilarious. Loved all the new pics. Tatum is still so tiny, need to pass down some more clothes.