annie the bear

this past weekend annie the bear was our guest.
she is the classroom bear that gets to spend a weekend with each child.
we were so lucky to have her for this fun weekend!

each student documents their time with annie through pictures and a journal.
we started out by taking her to mcdonald's for a strawberry banana smoothie.
then august gave her a tour of the house as soon as we got home.
they got busy playing, and annie got to be a pirate.
later on we made her some pom poms for the big game on saturday.

then off to dinner at schooni's for pizza and august's special garlic knots.

saturday we went to lauren's 7th birthday party.

august made sure to keep her away from the water slide because annie doesn't like to get wet.

but it didn't stop him from trying all kinds of cool slide moves.

brooker held his tongue 'just so' going down the slide!

we made sure to take our picture with the birthday girl.

we came home from the party to rest up for the noles big game.
here the kids are ready to cheer us to victory.

our noles won!

sunday annie, august, and travis helped aunt linda and uncle shawn move cows.
annie stayed clean, but reported that the bull didn't like being moved so much.

early this morning, we put our pictures with annie in her journal.
and told all of our tales from the weekend.
this was such a fun experience with so much learning to go along with it.
we are truly blessed with a wonderful school and loving, caring good teachers!

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