unwelcome guest

after walking around the car in the garage to open the door,
august says, "mama, did you just see that snake you walked by?"
me, "yum, no."
august (safely in the car), "it's over there."
me, "really?"

sure enough.
there it was.
all skinny and snakey!!
but quickly making it's way into a box of caladiums.

where he was kind enough to stay while i unloaded my groceries (and the kids).
had there not been ice cream, i may have reconsidered (the food, not the children).

after he kept himself in the box with my multiple trips,
i braved taking a picture with my long lens.

conversing with travis a plan is hatched (by travis).
he says, "just use the big broom, push the box out, and close garage door behind it."
so i put on my brave girl face, and did just that.

now i am bracing myself for the snake dreams....
where i am sure i won't be so brave!

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