tatum: 9 months old

the last two months have kept us busy.
and tatum moving has been one of those things.
she army crawled all the way across the family room at exactly 8 months.
now she can do it on all four,
though her preferred method is still army....so much faster.
she made her first trip to siesta key.
where she decided sleeping through the night is overrated.
and continues to think this way.
is tasting and munching on lots of different table food.
so far, there is nothing she has turned her nose up at.
she lights up when picking up brother from school.
is so quiet most of the time,
but likes to hear herself in church.
so we end up plugging her up with the pacifier.
is outgrowing mama's over sized sink for baths.
weighs in at 14 pounds 5 ounces.
and is 27 3/4 inches long.
still very much a light weight.
has had her first illness....bronchitis.
is taking her medicine like a champ,
and finally getting better.
getting more personality everyday,
and filling our hearts with joy and love!

love you baby girl!