birthday parties

cline and parker turned 5 and 3, and we finally made it to their party!!!
we are usually at the beach on family vacation and miss all the fun,
but this year we were so happy to make it to the special day!

the birthday boys and august.
i'm sure if i dig deep,
i could find a picture of kari, tonya, and i celebrating and birthday together.

the little ones smashed up their pinata pretty quick.

the bigger kids patiently waiting to take a whack at spiderman.

love the tongue hanging out.

then my camera battery promptly died.
and i so wish it wouldn't have.
because i could have showed you the birthday boys both sneaking a lick of their cakes!
such a great time!

we also got to celebrate lily's birthday this summer.
these two had a BLAST on the water slide.
and were kind enough to pose for a minute.

tatum just sat, watched, and took it all in.

water slide + huge pile of sand = hours of entertainment

august did take a nose dive off the hill,
coming up with a mouth full of dirt.
he shook it off like a champ.

leaving the party was not his finest moment.
sorry mom and dad.....
i passed on the i don't want to leave tantrum gene!!

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