saturday fall fun

we hit up the 4H pumpkin patch down town.
first stop was a sword balloon.

then on to the photo area for some pictures.

a few games played.

picking our our pumpkin.
just like his daddy would.
walk in.
i like that one.
let's get it.
it took all of 10 seconds.

sword fighting with huntley.

the little girls together.
tatum wasn't happy about being in the grass,
and it looks like hatton is trying to comfort her...sweet girl!

tatum has really had enough,
and hatton is going to try a stick.
time up!

then we moved on to oktoberfest at the catholic church.
bounce houses and slides everywhere.

tatum liked sitting on the side and bouncing up and down.

having so much fun together.

shaking her booty with the cheerleaders!

samantha, this was the best one!

awesome weather and great fun!

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Samantha said...

Such a fun day! Glad we spent it with y'all;). Love those Lil kiddies of ours.