trick or treating

august decided about a month ago that he wanted to be a vampire.
i wasn't so sure, but his reasons were:
it's fooky (aka spooky)
and they can fly.
this mama could live with those reasons.

all ready and in character!

mom and dad came by to see the kids all dressed up.

tatum wasn't so sure of her brother.
but then she got o.k. with it.

the vampire chasing a person (august's idea!).

me and my girl.

i think it's the most handsome vampire ever!

then we headed over to linda and shawn's to trick or treat with cousins and friends.
it's e.n. disguised as batman.

and valley girl kinleigh.

this nice georgia fan stepped away from the game to pass out candy.
and updated us on the score!

after trick or treating most everyone took a hayride,
but it was to full for me to jump on.
it turned out to be the most memorable hay ride ever....
they were chased by cows in the pasture.
all the kids (and adults) agreed that the cows were too close for comfort,
and august said, "it was pretty scary!"
kinda glad i didn't squeeze in on the very back!

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Samantha said...

Looks fun, love tatums boots:)