tatum: 11 months

the last two months have flown just like the ones before them.
our girl is growing and has a healthy appetite.
is roaming all over the house,
and pulling up on just about everything.
is starting to get more hair...it's light and every once in awhile curls.
loves playing with things that make noise.
and creating noise of her own.
still likes to visit with mama at night over a feeding.
for the most part takes two long naps during the day.
is starting to get her first tooth...we felt it today!
loves: patty cake, the itsy bitsy spider,
peek-a-boo, silly faces,
and of course, brother, daddy, and mama too!

she goes from mad to maybe i'll be o.k. in the pumpkin several times.

she loves chewing on a finger.

love those lashes.

one of our last toothless grins!

she always points so daintily to explore new things.
then usually attacks!
if you look close, there are some goosebumps there.

trying to commit it all to memory,
because it's just going way too fast.

love ya tatum (sugar bear)!


Katie said...

I can't believe she is almost 1! It seems like she was just born yesterday! She is such a sweetie and I enjoyed loving on her at mops,etc. I love you guys!

The Revell Family said...

Love her dimples!