instagram update

tatum's mama made halloween outfit.

august came and asked me, "what comes after b in baby?"
self created.
the sibling 'love' has started!

celebrating hannah's birthday.
i just can't help but think of the curly haired children these two could produce.

a fall filled saturday.

my new favorite necklace, handcrafted by a special five year old.

want this.
by the pond.
for family pictures.

waiting on cousins to arrive...still several hours away.

her new shoes.
and worn out from all that trying on.

happy halloween.

her nap started with pj's on.
silly girl.

mad. mad. mad.

calling this work right now.
LOVE it!

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Samantha said...

I'm loving all your updates, no babies allowed cracked me up:). I can relate!