just everyday stuff

i've been loving pink and gray these days in both quilts and my new tennis shoes.
so pretty together.
even for a girl that's just not that into pink.

yesterday i sat down with august's school newsletter to fill in important dates.
still can't wrap my head around the fact that it is november already.

he also has a scholastic book order.
it is going to take all of my willpower not to by these 3 sets:
junie b. jones, judy blume, and the beverly cleary collection.
i loved reading junie b. to my second graders.
she's just so darn funny.
and judy blume and beverly cleary stole my heart along time ago,
getting lost in their stories time and time again.
if we could look back to see who checked ramona out from the school library,
i feel certain i would hold the record.
tatum will need these one day....
i'm sure she wouldn't mind me borrowing them in the meantime.

a year ago the jeep was parked out back.
it's sitting there right now.
yesterday i told august we needed to go out and play on it after tatum's nap.
just like we did last year.
pretending to be deer hunting.
"no, mama.  we played batman."
and, in fact, we did.
tatum was with us again,
but this time the breeze was blowing through her hair.
(nonae's keeping her safe.)

loving our everyday life.
full and busy,
but taking the time to soak it up.

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