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these two tag teamed me with illness for a few weeks.
nothing major, just needed some tlc and a few trips to the doctor.

this boy does not nap.
three time in one week was his way of healing that not so little body.

saturday night trip to lowe's followed with some car building.

first time facing forward.

pretty fabric all cut and ready to sew.

between a trip to the doctor and needing to do 50 other things,
i spray painted a tray white.
it did help organize my sewing/laundry room,
which was on the list.

she loves books and climbing.

and can now get into the markers.

right after mopping!

loving on her sleeping brother.

we have cousins here from tennessee,
and have enjoyed playing on the lake with them.

some of that pretty fabric all sewed up.

new flag for the fence.

papa g with his girls.

the boys at cosmic bowling.

us mama's did a little bowling of our own.

a think we have a future road rager!

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