i've been a bad blogger

with no real excuses.

but school is starting in just a few short days,
and i really need to post august's end of the year program.
you know, before, he starts kindergarten!!!
oh my, where has the time gone?!?!

starting to catch up with some instagram pics.
heavy rains lead to playground that resemble 'playships.'

been doing a little sewing....
fold over clutches.

celebrating the 4th with family.

praying for jade.

first day on the beach!!!
no better place to nap.

best buds and cousins.

annual day at the y.

little miss hot stuff.

shrimp boil! yum!

the whole gang grubbin'.

waiting out the weather with some bubbles.

making breakfast plans and snuggling.

sparklers with a few rays of sunlight peeking through.

my love!

sleeping in while everyone packed up to head home.

miss independent with her yogurt and blueberries.

first lesson with mrs. pat.

outside showering.

my teacher gave my handwriting a gold star.

mexican scrambled eggs for dinner?
i think so!

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