halloween havana style

august and i hitched a ride north to celebrate halloween with the cousins.
we arrived in havana with one happy cinderella and one sleeping clown. e.n. was excited to "drive" aunt erin's car.
kinleigh is saying (with no one really listening),
"but wait everybody. we can't leave august.
we gotta wake him up" in a desperate voice.
there were so many cute kids in really good costumes.
we had a fortune teller.
she was for seeing lots of people getting rich.
(hmmm . . . maybe i should have picked up a lottery ticket)
the finally awake and on the hayride.
the fortune teller turned pirate girl.
one of the cutest spiders i have ever seen.
a very serious spider man.
a bee sweet as honey.
half the group traveling to our first house.
i wonder what they were thinking on the inside?
there was also a mermaid, dora, boots, and snow white.
finally awake enough to make the trip to the front door.
he made a great little clown,
in a 30-year-old and worn by many costume.
enjoying the loot.

the hayride ended at dark.
we traveled to the farm to enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs.
august was really happy to spend halloween havana style with his cousins.

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